How I feel? In regards to what?

Currently, I feel rather agitated by the fact that you have the nerve to find me yet again. [ But he isn’t frightened, like he was the last time Akuroma sought him out. His voice is cold and calm. ]

[ The professor placed a hand on his chin thoughtfully. He glanced at the young male with the same smile and replied. ] In regards to how your life has been lately.

[ Akuroma chuckled and removed his hand from his face. ] Again so negative about my appearance? Natural, I still cannot understand what makes you hate me so much. I didn’t hurt you the last time I was asking for how you were doing, now did I?
You shouldn’t be mistaking me for your father.

We are nothing alike.

Anonymous asked:
so did ghetsis give you your job because youre his best fuckbuddy or

[ The professor let out a usual chuckle. ]

I really hope that is not the case.
But I doubt it. Team Plasma wouldn’t be as great as it is now without the …. relation Ghetsis and I have.

Anonymous asked:
oh my god aku. dont hold out on the REAL answer. when'd you lose your anal virginity???

Pardon me, but you didn’t specify your question. [ The professor simply offered a soft smile. ]

Usually I’d say that was none of your bussines. But I think it was two years ago? Eventually.

Anonymous asked:
how'd you lose your virginity, go

My virginity?

Isn’t the answer a little too obvious?
By having sex for sure. [ Akuroma chuckled lightly ]

But I’m sure you want to know the story behind it, huh?
I was 18, had a girlfriend at college and I was learning for a test. Selfish as this woman was, she wanted to ‘do it’ and tried to seduce me.

I guess I had the first time sex just to make her shut up and go on studying. [ The professor laughed a little, these things seemed never as interesting as Pokémon studies. ]

TMI Tuesday 

One lovely chap 


“Not scared, just…surprised. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Team Plasma against pokemon experimentation, among other things?” His attempt at a joke didn’t lighten her mood. She was glad she had her face mask on so he wouldn’t be able to see the frown on her face, although her furrowed brows were working against her favour. The original Genesect was an embarrassment in her opinion. It made Team Plasma look like a bunch of hypocrites, and she hated the thought of being anything short of virtuous.

The professor chuckled in delight when he placed the jar on a nearby desk, giving his back a rest. “You are right, my dear.”
Akuroma smiled, he wasn’t done with his sentence, but he gave it a meaningful break. “But is it wrong to give a potential Pokémon a life, as it deserves? ” His smile turned somewhat grim. The professor was well aware how wrong and sick this was, but he was talented at making things sound marvelous, even though they really aren’t. “I’m helping a Pokémon to live! And that’s what Team Plasma wants, no? We want Pokémon to live a happy life. And I’m giving this poor creature a life.

There can’t be anything wrong with this.” Akuroma chuckled once again, he viewed his reflection in the jar. “Or do you want me to kill this Pokémon?”

One lovely chap 


Her eyebrows scrunched together questioningly. “It’s a pokemon?” The shock in her voice was evident, certainly stunned by his statement, her step faltering. Another Genesect? Was that even possible? And why would Professor Akuroma want to recreate such a thing? That was all sorts of dangerous she didn’t want to imagine.

"Are you scared, my dear?" the professor asked, ever so calm, as his yellow eyes looked over at the girl. He then chuckled and lightened up the basement, leading Meeryn to a shelf, filled with stacks, over stacks of paper, probably research work and plans.

From the grunt’s voice, Akuroma could tell, she wasn’t as happy about the new Genesect project as he was, but he had hoped she’d at least act interested and happy for the doctor. “It won’t change anything about your work order. So don’t worry, no over-time work or lesser payment.” he joked, trying to lighten up the mood for the girl.

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Meeryn caught onto his slowed pace as they traveled down the stairs, clutching the papers to her chest. Her eyes kept flickering to the jar in his hands, curious as to what its contents might be. Finally she blurted, “What’s that thing in the jar?” the girl had no tact. “It’s not alive, is it?” She followed closely behind the professor, although not too close to bump into him if he were to suddenly stop.

The professor finally reached the last step and with only little troubles, pushed the door with his elbow open, holding it opened for the grunt. “Oh, how wrong you are, my dear.” Akuroma replied with a small chuckle followed after, as they entered the dark basement. “You could say, Ah.” he stopped, looking with a twisted smile at the girl. “… I wanted to let Sir Ghetsis know about it first, but I’m just so excited and stunned by my own work.” Akuroma cleared his throat and lifted the jar a little, eyeing it closely. “You could say, this, is another Genesect.”

One lovely chap 


Meeryn took the files from him, eagerly following him as he took off toward the basement. Was this a new breakthrough for Team Plasma, or simple research? Meeryn was hesitant to ask questions out of turn, and she would feel awfully rude if she were to sift through his papers.

As they continued on in silence, Meeryn found the lack of conversation to be daunting, so she timidly spoke up. “What ah…did you make any significant progress with this?”

The professor beamed and smiled at the young Plasma-Grunt, his smile looked to wide and happy to be a fake as usual. “Oh I’m glad that you’re asking, my dear!”

Akuroma looked back at where he was going and adjusted the jar in his hands. “I sure did! This could be a huge step for Team Plasma.” he paused and glanced at the … thing inside the jar. “But we cannot be sure until, well, later.”
With that he chuckled and stopped shortly, taking a look at the stairs in front of him, leading down to basement. He didn’t want to stumble and drop the jar, so he better was save then sorry and slowly went downstairs.